Soundings are in Kingston

Since June this year Soundings have been in Kingston, finding out what people value about Kingston’s Ancient Market Area and how they would like to see it change for the better.

The Ancient Market Area is at the heart of the town’s historical centre. Today, the ‘once was’ riverside industry has all but disappeared, leaving a riverside and Ancient Market Area fragmented from its town, not given the prominence and opportunity of an alternative offer that many feel Kingston would benefit from.

The area is one of the Mayor’s Great Spaces and identified as a metropolitan centre in the London Plan. JMP and Tonkin Liu have been appointed to develop proposals for the area.

Before the plans are developed we are understanding how people would like to see the area improve, uncovering local stories and understanding what Kingston means to people. Our findings have informed the initial design proposals for the Ancient Market Area.

From September 17th to October 1st we will be displaying the design ideas for the Ancient Market Area and asking for feedback and ideas.

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