Inspirational images from 2010

Below are some inspirational images and holiday snapshots from 2010 from the office: these will be added to as they come in.

South Downs, May 2010 – Ciron

A keen cyclist, Ciron and a friend went off-roading from Richmond to the South Downs, near Brighton in May last year.

They covered 70 miles, setting off at 10.30am and hitting the pub by 4pm.

Snowman, December 2010 – Amanda

Amanda shows off The Fat Controller, a very successful snowman built in one hour on a snowy December day in Hackney.

Describing it as ‘inspiring communing’, Amanda said that neighbours threw down carrots and potatoes to add to his face, and then they all had a snowball fight. Her last comment on the picture: ‘good snow.’

Jerusalem, December 2010 – Caf

These shots were taken whilst on holiday in Jerusalem this Christmas –  a pretty good place to be for the festive season. Caf especially likes the water pipes that took on a character of their own.

Hill House Farm, Carfraemill (nr. Lauder), Scotland, December 2010 / January 2011 – Kat

New Years’ Day, walking off the effects of the Hogmanay Ceilidh the night before!

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