Fluid and partners: winners of Meanwhile London competition

Winning team
The Industri[us] team is one of four winners of the Meanwhile London competition which was designed to find temporary or “meanwhile” uses for three derelict sites in the Royal Docks and Canning Town. The competition was launched by the Mayors of London and Newham and co-ordinated by Newham Council, Property Week magazine, the London Development Agency and its Design for London team. The Industri[us] team and a long list of collaborators will be offered multiple sites, including the Royals Business Park, to roll out an ambitious strategy that uses ‘upcycling’ to revalue and reuse waste products, build upon existing supply chains, and generate training and niche employment opportunities. The core team of Industri[us] are: Fluid – Architecture & People, Dare – Brand Strategy, Colliers International – Development Solutions, David Barrie & Associates – Social Enterprise Business Planning, John Thackara – Thought Leader and Michael Pinsky – Artist.

Industri[us] is a collaborative action that reworks and revalues former waste products, transforming them into objects that are useful and desirable. The intention is to support the creation of a new hub for creative, commercial and social enterprise in the area – for businesses active in the emerging markets of waste and recycling goods and services. Three sites in the Royal Docks are planned to support a new market that realizes value from waste, involving the community, the creative arts, social businesses, scientists and design businesses.

A joint philosophy and passion
The team shares a joint philosophy, ethos and passion for sustainable practices that are tangible and meaningful to people in their everyday lives. The project is a catalyst to shift perception and behaviour in London towards sustainability reflecting a growing shift towards an economy that’s about making and doing. The project taps into the aims and aspirations of the ‘Green Enterprise District’ in East London, which aims to lead the world in driving the low carbon economy.

Fluid founder and director, Steve McAdam, said: “We assembled a team who are passionate about all aspects of our environment and who wish to work together and with others to establish a special part of London that we hope will become a key destination for eco consumerism and creative thinking. We are very excited about the opportunity here and will work hard with local people, whether individuals or institutions, to bring about a lasting change acknowledging the wider areas drive toward the formation of a knowledge economy.”

Debbie Jackson, Director of Capital Projects and Design at the London Development Agency comments: “The Green Enterprise District in East London is pivotal to the city’s transition to a low carbon economy and is increasingly revealing the creativity and innovation that drives it. The District is already home to exemplar new projects such as the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Sustainable Industries Park, and the forthcoming £30 million Siemens development which will showcase sustainable technologies to the public. The meanwhile use proposed by the Industri[us] team is another example of inspired green aspirations for the area starting to become a reality.”

Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales said: “Meanwhile London is adding another dimension to the transformation of Newham. London is moving east and there is huge potential here for investment, growth and greater prosperity. The Royals are where London’s future essential economic growth can truly thrive. The winners’ temporary uses will demonstrate to the world the opportunities available in Newham for developers and investors.”

Why upcycle?
In the past year UK councils sent over 12 million tonnes of waste  including over 1.5 million tonnes of clothing  to UK landfill sites. Industri[us] seek to debunk the idea that ‘waste’ products are no longer useful and that excess materials from manufacturing processes are not needed. These materials can be re-made into valuable and desirable items through the application of new creative skills and lateral thinking. We hope that the Royal Docks will become a test bed of what is possible to reverse such wastage and short sightedness.

Next steps
The project team is setting out a business plan, working closely with London Borough of Newham and the London Development Agency.

For the competition submission boards, click here: http://example.com|http://issuu.com/fluidoffice/docs/industri_us

For an animation describing the project, click here: http://example.com|http://vimeo.com/19167835

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